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to SAF  (sustainable aviation fuel) raw material base on waste

A Circular Economy Solution

What We Do

Neki is a pioneering company addressing the needs of both the oily sludge collection and biofuel industries. By offering advanced technology for efficient oily sludge treatment, Neki reduces waste and operating costs while providing a sustainable solution. Additionally, Neki’s innovative approach addresses the upcoming shortage of raw materials caused by ILUC regulations, producing biofuels like sustainable jet fuel and biodiesel. Led by founders Prof. Gershman, Michael Kuflik, and Barak Manbar , experts in research, development, and industrial treatment technologies, Neki’s container-based system effectively cleans pollutants and transforms waste into high-demand industry products.

Restaurants, Hotels, Fast-Food Shops, Cafeterias and Company Canteens have units in place to collect fats & oils at grease trap.

The collected material at the grease trap caled residue is termed Brown Grease (BG) and it consists of fat, oil, grease, heat-decomposed and/or polymerized oil, solids and water. This material has the potential to be used – after a suitable cleaning procedure – for production of Biofuels. The Brown Grease is usually collected from its source of formation, at regular intervals, by contractors for a cost. The BG is either partially cleaned and resold by the contractor or sent to an authorized disposal site, which leads to losses of useful wastes and an added cost for disposal. Today, only a few contractors have the capability to convert the major position of the BG into a purified fat-oil-grease (FOG) suitable for production of SAF, Advanced Biodiesel and HVO.

One Ton – Triple Impact

Annual potential savings 273.3m ton CO2/eq

your locally feedstock to

The Biorefineries

Over 65M ton a year of new Feedstocks to SAF, Bio Diesel and HVO from local sources .

MIDA material offer material spec similar to high FFA UCO with ISCC and waste approval sources

grease trap collection friendly

  • save cost and disposal your waste: save up to 90% of your waste cost
  • Fully Equipped: full solution for your waste stream.
  • low energy needed: max 100C needed .

  • Regulation friendly: Naki’s technology committed with environmental local regulatory

NAKI’s Unique Technology

The company is developing a unique technology to separate the pollutants from the FOG with uniqe
physical & chemical process.

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