Turn a burden to a source of localized

green energy and valuable SAF feedstock

A Circular Economy Solution

What We Do

Naki is bringing the days of affordable SAF closer, by taking an untreatable sludge from the food industry and transitioning it to a valuable material via an innovative & carbon negative process. The process is done locally, enabling the food industry factories to both decarbonize their operations via on-site made biogas and create additional revenue streams. This has huge economical and environmental value, as Naki will develop a localized circular oil ecosystem ,reduce landfill volumes and the need to import SAF feedstock from overseas.

One Ton – Triple Impact

Annual potential savings 273.3m ton CO2/eq

your locally feedstock to

The Biorefineries

Over 65M ton a year of new Feedstocks to SAF, Bio Diesel and HVO from local sources .

MIDA material offer material spec similar to high FFA UCO with ISCC and waste approval sources

grease trap collection friendly

  • save cost and disposal your waste: save up to 90% of your waste cost
  • Fully Equipped: full solution for your waste stream.
  • low energy needed: max 100C needed .

  • Regulation friendly: Naki’s technology committed with environmental local regulatory

NAKI’s Unique Technology

The company is developing a unique technology to separate the pollutants from the FOG with uniqe
physical & chemical process.

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